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Spencer Kellogg

Saxophone, guitar and music theory


Spencer has been teaching private lessons on saxophone, guitar, and music theory since 2006. As a teacher, Spencer strives to help his students to become well-rounded musicians – learning theory alongside the instrument. He works hard with each individual student to find the best way they learn. Every music student is different and as such, Spencer tries every angle to help someone breakthrough and find the enjoyment of playing music.

Spencer has a BA in Jazz Performance from the University of Utah. As a performer, he has played many styles including classical, jazz, rockabilly, funk, hip-hop, Dixieland, avant-garde, rock ‘n’ roll, bluegrass, country, hardcore, progressive rock, fusion, children’s songs, Hasidic, middle eastern, south American, Latin American, tango, cajun, Irish, Appalachian, and a few that don’t fall into a category.

Wasatch Musician Logo

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